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Where Tampa filmmakers unite. News. Opinions. Knowledge. Power.


Thursday, November 19, 2009 - 9:00 PM - Tampa Indie Film Log for Filmmaker C. A. Passinault

Victimized By The Tampa Film Scene? We Need To Talk!

Surprise! I have a few free minutes. Whatever shall I write about?
Actually, peeps, a moment of your time. It’s time for me to drop some knowledge, ask a few questions (well, an inquiry that certain people are afraid that I’ll ask), and fill some of you in about a cool thing that I just did.
Last night, I spent three hours designing the new Mark 2 Tampa Bay Film flyers. I have the master sheet printed and ready to run. I’m printing up 400 of them, ready to deploy, shortly (not bad for a $10.00 print job). I’m rather proud of the flyers, but I can’t show them directly here for security reasons. I may capture them in a photo or two, however, although, like some other things that I intentionally do, those photos won’t show all the details. Sometimes, as models have taught me with their tales of torturing guys who try to hit on them (once, Melissa and I went to a club, and she told me to watch how she worked. She rather enjoyed shooting down every guy who hit on her. It was a game that she liked to play. Stunning woman!), it’s better to tease and drive anticipation. Don’t worry, though... I’m sure that they can be tracked down offline, especially with the high circulation. Oh, and I also used Independent Modeling underground marketing tech to cut my printing costs by 75%, enabling me to do four times the printing volume for the dollar. I do things smart like that.
Ah, and my design work is exceptional, too, as always (this is why I get paid for doing such work, although pay is a byproduct of things that I take great pride in doing). I’m rather proud of the MK 2's (they are so good, in fact, that I will be using them long after I get my high quality Tampa Bay Film business cards, which will be printed on 14 PT, UV coated glossy stock using a 4/4 color process. Oh, yes!). Like everything that I do, I take my time and get it right. This is a reason that it is hard to compete with me once I actually get around to doing something. I’m good, and I know it.
Alrighty. I had to cut down on the copy, but here is the original copy that I based the flyers on (I spent a lot of time composing in Wordperfect and compositing the design in Photoshop). Enjoy:

Tampa Bay Film
The Voice Of Tampa Indie Film

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Relevant for indie film and indie filmmakers.
The best source of information for what’s really going on in indie film. The top resource for Tampa indie film.

The future of independent film in Tampa Bay, and the foundation for the first professional Tampa film community, begins at Tampa Bay Film. We are dedicated to helping make Tampa filmmaking a leader in the indie film industry.

How does Tampa Bay Film benefit the filmmakers, and the fans, of independent film?
It starts with our network of eight web sites; the sites which make up Tampa Bay Film.
We are free. Our sites are available free of charge, with no obligation to buy anything from us, our affiliates, our advertisers, or our sponsors.
Additionally, consider our motives. We are sincere about advancing Tampa indie film, and independent filmmaking as a whole. We really do want to help make Tampa Bay filmmaking a leader in independent film. We also don’t cheerlead and hype anything. We don’t mindlessly promote thing which are not worth promoting. We’ll tell you how it is, and what we really think..
Also, consider our other seven sites, which make up the Tampa Bay Film online site network.
For the benefit of indie film, we offer the following.

The Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival (OFF).
TampaOnlineFilmFestival .Com
The best way for any Tampa filmmaker to promote their films.
Available 24/7, our online film festival has been running constantly since it opened on January 11, 2007. Free of charge to submit films, or to watch them. The most effective Tampa film festival, with much higher “attendance” and viewing numbers than all Tampa film festivals combined! It’s everywhere and always open. Watch what you want to, and skip what you don’t, from the comfort of wherever you happen to be. Our online film festival is now in its second generation, and it’s been a tremendous success, with the next three generations now in development.
Select “Films” from the menu.

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Tampa Film Conference
An upcoming Tampa Bay Film event series for Tampa filmmakers.
Select “Conference” from the menu.

Tampa Film Community
A web site for the upcoming Tampa film community.
Select “Community” from the menu.

Cool copy, eh? I love being a writer, too.
Ok, I have to get ready to run to another location to code the Tampa Bay Film sites. Now, I have to ask a question. I purposely put it at the end of this post because I know that the people who would reply to this question spend the time to read everything that I write.
As you all know, I haven’t exactly been treated professionally, and fairly, by some people in the Tampa indie film scene. I didn’t start anything with the people who decided, for one reason or another, that they didn’t like me. They started with me. I kept my mouth shut, and helped out, and was rewarded with slander, discrimination, and threats made against me. When this came to light, I started asking questions. They didn’t give me answers. I invited them to debate. They tried to attack my credibility by falsely accusing me of criminal acts, trying to deflect the issues and sidetracking the course of inquiry. These people are hardly professionals. It seems that there are a few insecure amateurs in a Tampa film clique who have been masquerading as a “film community”.
It’s funny, though. The things that I have been wrongly accused of are the exact same things that these people are guilty of. It’s not my imagination, either. I have proof. I even had admissions by some of the jerks, in writing, that my observations about what was going on was absolutely correct (I suppose that they thought that I couldn’t do anything about it if they admitted it. Wrong. These people really are idiots, and they have made a lot of mistakes.) Hell, I’m not the one stalking people, sending people death threats, threatening to assault people (I’ve had threats of assault and other crimes against me from several people in the Tampa indie film scene), slandering people, photoshopping the heads of people onto pictures of naked people, dot-comming the names of people (I have this issue with cybersquatters, too, with several of my properties, so this is nothing new outside of the film scene), and sending unprofessional messages full of profanity and threats. I have been the victim of all of this, and these people have the nerve to claim that I’m the bad guy in this situation. Well, I guess if being better is bad, then I’m at least guilty of that.
I am a law abiding citizen. I am a professional who stands up for my rights, and the rights of others. I will continue to do that. Unlike their other victims who were discouraged and rolled over, I didn’t. I’m addressing it.
These people are insecure, unethical, unprofessional cowards who are afraid of someone better coming along and stealing their thunder. So, they gang up on the real professionals and try to destroy their credibility (A thought: If you get along with these people, shouldn't you feel insulted because they don't see you as competition?). They try to bully them out of the Tampa film scene. Still, shouldn’t these feeble-minded morons have done their homework before committing crimes against me? It was a mistake. I am a good person, and a talented professional. I don’t put up with any B.S., either. I stand up for myself, and the rights of others, and fight back within legal and ethical means. I’m good at that, too.
Oh, and speaking of victims, I’m sure that there are a lot out there who have had similar dealings with these characters. I’ve already talked about this with a few of you, and owning the dominant web sites in Tampa indie film make my sites, and this blog, the perfect rallying point for seeking out other victims. I have the most popular Tampa indie film web sites. Everything that I write is easy to find via search, and I’m not difficult to get a hold of. Please contact me and let me know your story. I’m listening to everything, and I’m documenting everything. My attorney would like to talk to you, too.
These unethical, unprofessional people will be held accountable for their crimes. They are responsible for everything that they say and do. Law-abiding professionals, like myself and other victims of these crimes, do not deserve to have to go through what we’ve been through.
Any one want to make this a legal issue? Do you really want to try to win that way? Let me tell you that you won’t; you’ll lose badly, and you’ll look like a jackass for partaking in frivolous legal activities. I think that the smart ones will settle for simply trying to compete with what I will be bringing to the market, and I really wish them luck with that. I’m good at competing against people, too, and many who oppose my business interests will find themselves out of business.
Did you notice that I’ve been investing a lot into Tampa indie film? Hmmmm... Whatever could I be planning? Perhaps those who oppose me should stop and re-think what they are doing, and quit while they think that they are ahead. Let’s compete. Let’s at least attempt to respect each other, and try to keep the lines of communication open (part of the problem is a situation of ongoing misunderstandings caused by poor communication, and I’m certainly not the one who is communicating poorly. I am most certainly, however, misunderstood, and it doesn’t have to be that way). We can play nice. If not, however, I’m ready for that, too.


UPDATED 01/03/11

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