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More Silence Before The Storm? - Motion Film Festival 2010 Announcement

Sunday, August 22, 2010 - 10:54 AM - Tampa Indie Film Log for Filmmaker C. A. Passinault

Preparing My First Underground Film Festival, And Other News.

I’m currently preparing for my first underground film festival, the Halloween Drive-In, which was cancelled last year and moved to this year. The Halloween Drive-In will be my first official film festival, underground or conventional, and it will be the first of many different film festival properties, both stand-alone and series.
The Halloween Drive-In, which is going to be pretty much exactly like the one which was scheduled for last year, will be my “film festival in a car”. I should have my indie filmmaking equipment for my short films shortly, so I’ll be able to cover this first film festival.
The Halloween Drive-In will be held at a secret location in the Tampa Bay area. The film festival will be covered on Tampa Bay Film, with an official film festival site on the Tampa Bay Film Tampa Film Festivals site.
Underground film festivals, to most of you who have been reading the Tampa Film Blog the past few years, are the most cost-effective film festivals. With proper coverage, which they have with Tampa Bay Film assets, they are just as effective as conventional film festivals, but can be done with a fraction of the resources. Underground film festivals have a purpose, and are also used to market, and lead-in, to conventional film festivals.
Tampa Bay Film, my event planning company, and my stage production company are readying a network of Tampa film festival which will be superior to every film festival in the Tampa Bay area. We will be showing the other film festivals how it should be done, as well as teaching the organizers of the defunct Tampa Film Review monthly film festival how they should have done their film festival series. Possessing this dominant network of film festival and other indie film events will give my indie filmmaking endeavors, and the efforts of our allies, leverage, and the advantage in Florida independent film. As an example of what has already been done, the Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival, which spun off from the main Tampa Bay Film site and became a stand-alone web site on October 10, 2008, has exceeded all of its goals, and is now the most effective film festival in Florida. As predicted, it is now more effective as a marketing and promotion platform for indie films than all of the film festival events in Florida, combined, and easily outdoes all of the Tampa film festivals. We beat them all with an online film festival, and we haven’t even started on the film festival events, yet.
While I do not have anything against Tampa filmmakers, the organizers of the present film festivals, and the Tampa film commission, in my opinion, are not getting it done. We have filmmakers out there who are trying to emulate Hollywood, and are wasting resources as they fail to make great indie films. Those filmmakers, in my opinion, may have a good handle on things technically, but they are missing the big picture, and they don’t know how to get things where they need to get. The film festivals, on the other hand, in my educated opinion, have agendas which are not as supportive of indie filmmakers as they claim (and, I do not entirely blame them. With crappy indie films from clueless filmmakers, I can see why Tampa indie film is not being respected. It deserves it, currently); this does not make the pretense, and the misleading spin, right, however. The Tampa Film Commission, which is behind at least one of the largest Tampa film festivals, isn’t exactly supportive of independent film in Tampa, either, in my opinion (and I love seeing them branding themselves as “Tampa Bay Film” on twitter, and on their web site. Nice, guys, you’re certainly not making any friends here, and you don’t have my respect. You know who Tampa Bay Film is, and it’s not you. It’s my brand! If you blatantly disrespect my rights by doing this, how do you ever expect to earn my respect? I promise you, those efforts of yours will become a PR issue for you in the future, and a new generation of Tampa indie filmmakers knows you by what you do!). Think about this: The film commission is a part of the tourism industry, and their job is to get large movie productions to bring money and jobs to local markets. How does that support indie film here, especially when those large productions take the resources away from local filmmakers who cannot compete? Another misleading spin that I see, in my opinion, which pisses me off is that they “support” Tampa indie film as a token gesture, and get local filmmakers to support them in their agenda to attract competition here. That is not cool!
As for the current filmmakers who are too ignorant of the politics, and the agendas, and who blindly support the film commission, and sell-out film festivals which actually support the agenda of the film commission, as well as try to make their crappy films and do films the way that Hollywood does them, well, those filmmaker are doing more harm than good. Tampa indie film will NEVER get on the map with those clueless, sell-out filmmakers at the helm.
We need a new generation of filmmakers here in Tampa, innovative indie filmmakers who will put the sell-outs out of business. That’s my agenda. I could care less how successful I am as a filmmaker, or how much money I make. As long as I can make a living doing it, and make films the way that I want to, I’m fine. My agenda is to completely overhaul the Tampa indie film scene by inspiring an army of new filmmakers to make innovative indie films, to support them with a superior infrastructure of web sites, film festivals, and indie film events, and to help establish the first Tampa indie film community. This is why I have put so much work, and effort, into Tampa Bay Film, and other resources. I didn’t do all of this to not do anything with it.
So, who cares about the current indie film scene? I really don’t, anymore, with all of the unprofessionalism, slander, and petty stuff. It’s time to start over.
Here’s how it will go down:

1. The Tampa Bay Film sites will expand.
Yes, I know that it has been a slow year for the Tampa Bay Film sites. It won’t always be like that. We did all of that work in late 2009 upgrading, and synching, the existing Tampa Bay Film sites to Super Raptor Class sites, and then launched some more, making eight sites in total. Think of each site as a channel of Tampa Bay Film, and expect more content on all of them later in 2010. There will be a ton of content added in 2011, for sure.

2. Passinault / Dream Nine Studios short film portfolio to be established and built.
My indie film production companies will create a portfolio of short, innovative indie films. The films will cover a lot of ranges, showcasing my ability to make a variety of different genres. These films will be done inexpensively, and will make other Tampa indie films look a lot less cost-effective in comparison. As a result, I will become the best investment for investors, in the future, when I’m ready to create groundbreaking feature films, all made with the latest, state of the art equipment. This is how all filmmakers should do it, instead of going into serious debt working on large feature film which will be hard to sell. Also, do you think that I will take the risk with expensive feature films? No. Why should I? My investors will know exactly what they are getting into, because my portfolio of films will show them what I can do as a filmmaker. Also, I will be a good investment for a number of reasons, including the fact that it is in my own best interest to keep doing good films. I also have other investment options, too, which I will not go into yet (I explained those options to Tampa filmmaker Chris Woods, and he seemed very intrigued). At any rate, regarding the state of the art equipment, that equipment will be budgeted in with the cost of the production, and it’s mine to keep afterwards. Works for me. Right now, the best indie film camera is the Red Camera. I expect to have several of the best cameras, which will be Red cameras if they are still the best, available to me when I start doing budgeted feature films in a few years. For now, I’ll create my portfolio of short films using the best value equipment possible (an excellent balance between low cost and good quality.... I will prove that anyone, with talent, can become an indie filmmaker, and make good indie films, for less than $1,000.00- or even next to no money, as some people will already have the equipment which they need; part of that cost is the computer itself), which will also inspire people to go out and make films.
It should be noted that this “portfolio and sell” strategy has worked well with my photography company, and it is the reason that I get clients when most don’t. I know what I am doing, it works, and I’ll keep proving it. This strategy will work with indie film, too.

3. The Tampa Bay Film sites will be utilized for their dominant position as the premier promotional and marketing platforms for indie film in Florida.
The Tampa Bay Film sites will promote every aspect of my indie film projects, getting the word out regarding exactly how the films were made, and inspire others to make indie films.
And some people wondered why I put so much hard work, and effort, into the Tampa Bay Film sites before I was actually making films of my own. It’s called building, and establishing, support infrastructure. Do you think that I’d have an advantage in getting my films seen, and in marketing to investors, if I didn’t have the proper support infrastructure in place? I will also say that this support infrastructure, which I invested in for myself, is also available for other filmmakers, as I don’t have a problem with helping others. If it’s good enough for me, it will be good enough for you, as I will be using the Tampa Bay Film sites myself, and I’m not holding anything back. Any filmmaker who does not take advantage of the offer of allowing Tampa Bay Film to help is a fool, in my opinion, and so far, most Tampa filmmakers have been fools, selling themselves short, or out, because they have petty hangups, or don’t have a clue about what they are trying to do. Too bad, as I know who you are, and I won’t be so supportive in the future (read on for more about what is going to happen to those filmmakers).

4. The largest, and most effective, network of film festivals in Florida.
A series of interconnected film festivals and indie film support events, in concert with the Tampa Bay Film sites, will support the growing indie film revolution in Tampa. Most current film festivals in the Tampa Bay market will be unable to compete against one of my film festivals, let alone an armada of them, especially when their investors happen to discover that mine are the best investment. They will be rendered irrelevant not just because of the actual superior film festivals that they are going up against, but because they will be vastly outnumbered. I will take the Tampa film festival market.

5. The first professional indie film community will be established in the Tampa Bay area.
Well, this is a given. Currently, Tampa Bay Film does not recognize any film community in the Tampa bay market. A film community has not been established here, yet. Yes, there is an indie film scene, but it is composed of fragmented cliques, filmmakers who try to make films, but who only succeed in making poor films which serve limited, niche markets, and other filmmakers who try to emulate Hollywood.
Yes, there are filmmakers making indie films in Tampa Bay today, but most of those will be irrelevant in the new order. What will happen is that my indie film portfolio will demonstrate that good films can be made inexpensively, and that the way to go is to build a portfolio of short films to sell feature film projects to investors. Those short films, made with basic equipment, will make most of the other indie films being made in the Tampa Bay market look bloated and less cost-effective; those filmmakers who try to emulate Hollywood, sinking a lot of time and money into film projects which may or may not sell, and who make it difficult for others to see their films, will not be able to compete with what is coming. Once word gets around that good short films don’t have to be expensive to be good films, a new generation of filmmakers will enter the scene, and a wave of innovative indie films will flood the market. The old filmmakers will look like they are sitting still, if they can be seen at all, and they will be outnumbered. The new generation of indie filmmakers will band together and form the first indie film community in Tampa Bay, and this will happen with, or without, the participation of current filmmakers. The first film community will not need, or require, the participation of current filmmakers, as they will be an impotent minority in the new order.
Who do you think that Tampa Bay Film will promote, and support? The Tampa Bay Film sites, our armada of film festivals, our film events, and our projects will be the most effective resource for filmmakers, as well as dominant. Those who opposed us in the past will pay for their short sightedness, their un professionalism, and their pettiness. They will become obsolete.
One of our Tampa Bay Film sites, Tampa Film Community, is set up to support what is to come. The site will have community support resources, profiles, networking features, and other benefits, such as the most comprehensive indie film message board in Florida. All of the published content, and the films playing on the online film festival, will refer to this message board for feedback. That Tampa Film Community site, and its resources, will become the official site of the Tampa indie film community.
Like I said, infrastructure. We already have it prepared to support what is to come.

6. A new generation of Tampa filmmakers will make innovative, creative indie films that cannot be ignored (with promotion and marketing enhanced by the support infrastructure).
This new generation of filmmakers will greatly outnumber the current filmmakers, and will drown out those who stand in the way of progress in Tampa indie film. The Tampa indie film scene will finally get on the map.

7. Instead of attracting competitors here to compete with Tampa filmmakers, the Tampa film scene will attract investors and distributors.
This part is one of the big keys. How, exactly, will Tampa indie film be on the map, and become a leader in the independent film market worldwide? Do you think that it’s going to be all me? Well, if it were just me, and even if I were to make the best independent films ever made, it still wouldn’t happen. I can’t do it alone. You know all of those new indie filmmakers running around, building innovate portfolios of short films at modest cost? You know the new filmmakers that I will inspire through my own efforts, and indoctrinate through the Tampa Bay Film sites, my film festivals, and my indie film events (such as the Tampa Film Conference, which will be critical for this agenda)? Well, they will be force multipliers, doing like I’ll do, and using those portfolios to convince investors to invest in ambitious feature film projects. You know all of the current Tampa filmmakers who are trying to emulate Hollywood, and who do flawed films? Well, they are going to have a much tougher time getting funding, as the new breed of filmmaker, filmmakers who show that they can make good films with minimal resources, will prove that they are a much better investment (I won’t shed a tear when Joe is no longer able to make his crappy films. This neurotic man, in my opinion, is everything that is wrong with Tampa indie film. As one prominent actress told me, he is a joke, and I share her opinion). Now, you need to comprehend something, right now, to get what this key is. I never said that you could make feature films that people will want to pay to see, or buy, with basic equipment, and at low cost (although, if the short films are good, then you will be able to sell them, too). That part, making a portfolio of short films with basic equipment for under $1,000 (Actually, the under $1,000.00 is the initial investment for the equipment which is required. After that, those short films can be made for less than $100.00. Case in point: Spaventare. Spaventare is one of the best films ever made in the Tampa Bay market, and the total cost was a large pizza for the cast and the crew of 6 people!), is to build a short portfolio which will show the genre range, and the ability, of the filmmaker to make good films, and selling those short films is not critical (although not impossible. I will be making money with my short films, and I will be more than happy to share with indie filmmakers how to do this.... and I am not talking about selling short films such as Alarum, which is actually a great film, for $15.00 on DVD. I like Alarum, but I don’t want to buy it at that price, especially since I can get the latest blockbuster Hollywood feature film brand new on DVD for the same price. I can buy Alarum used for $10.00, but it’s still too much for a short film, and the filmmaker won’t make a dime from a sale of a used DVD. Alarum for $5.00 or $6.00 on DVD? Sold. Alarum as an iPod-optimized digital download for $2.99? HELL YES! I’d pay for it, and download it, right now! Just keep in mind that Alarum is a short film, and not a feature film, which dictates the price. Keep the overhead low, keep the pricing appropriate for the delivery, and make up those sales in volume!). Using those short films to sell the filmmaker is. The main, and most effective way, to make money as a filmmaker, and to make a living doing what you were meant to do, is to make feature films, and those films will not be inexpensive, especially since they do not have to be. At that point, once the credibility is established, and the filmmaker is able to show investors what they can do, they can get the money that they need, the resources that they need, and the state-of-the-art equipment that they need to make the films that they should be making. I’m not saying that filmmakers need to be greedy, and to pour money into their films at this point. The point is to be smart with the investment that the investors have made, and make marketable feature films that are the best VALUE for investors.
Oh, and another thing with that genre range thing. What is that? Well, plain and simple, if a filmmaker only makes one kind of film, they aren’t going to demonstrate that they are as good as an investment than those filmmakers who can make films in several different genres. Those filmmakers are NOT going to be able to compete with more marketable filmmakers, and they will not become major players in the future Tampa indie film market (the only reason that they are any kind of deal right now is that they are the only thing going on. People are starving for any kind of decent indie film made here in Tampa Bay!). Great filmmakers have good range in different genres. If every Tampa filmmaker were to make horror films, we would never get on the map, and would not set standards in independent film.
The key is providing good value for investors by demonstrating that you can make good films in a wide variety of different genres. Be an innovative, well-rounded filmmaker!
With hundreds of talented, innovative filmmakers making films like this in the Tampa Bay market, do you really think that we can be ignored, or disrespected? Of course not! We can take this market, and make it our own! We can also put most of the current filmmakers out of business in the process, and this will be icing on the cake for me, as most of these so-called filmmakers have proven to me, time and time again, that they do not deserve to be in business! Playing their unprofessional games, they don’t play anyone but themselves!
Eventually, with all of this going on, the Tampa indie film scene will finally attract investors and distributors instead of competition.

8. Those who sell out Tampa filmmakers will change their tune.
The film commission and surviving film festivals will be forced to support, and respect, Tampa indie film. Their focus will switch from getting large out of state productions here to attracting investors and distributors, as they will see which way the wind is blowing. The current filmmakers who have sold out their filmmaker brothers, and who have undermined progress in Tampa indie film, as well as undermined the participation of filmmakers and the formation of a film community, will either be forced out of business, or they will fill minor positions in the new order.

9. Most of the current filmmakers and others who now sell out Tampa indie film, and undermine progress, will be rendered irrelevant.
They will either adapt to the new market conditions that we have created, or they will not be able to compete with everything that is going on.

10. Tampa Bay will become an innovator, and a leader, in indie film.
Tampa indie film will become a major player, and a leader, in the independent film industry. The world will watch what happens here, and take their cues from what we do. We won’t need Hollywood to come here when we can make our own industry, instead. Tampa indie filmmakers win!

Maybe the people out there who spread rumors about me, attacked me, and threatened me picked the wrong person to pick a fight with? I won’t shed a tear if those sell-outs go out of business.
I’ll post more about this, later. Also, I realize that all of this is taking a bit longer than I originally planned, but you can count on this happening sooner, rather than later. It will happen.
In other news, posts on most of my blogs will be slow until the content can be properly organized. Currently, the Tampa Film Blog is nowhere near as effective as it needs to be in SEO the way that it is organized now. Properly organized, it will be the dominant Tampa indie film site, and will supercharge the search engine profiles of all of the other Tampa Bay Film sites. There is a ton of content here, and I’m trying to organize it now.
Well, that’s it, for now. I need to get back to work. A revolution is ahead.


UPDATED 01/03/11

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