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Preparing For Revolution. Writing Scripts For Dream Nine Studios Short Films - Reverence Film Festival Development Proceeds

Wednesday, May 4, 2011 - 10:09 AM - Tampa Indie Film Log for Filmmaker C. A. Passinault

C. A. Passinault and Tampa Filmmakers

C. A. Passinault, in a revealing editorial article on Tampa Bay Film, describes his relationship with current Tampa indie filmmakers. After reading this synopsis post, please check it out by clicking on this link for C. A. Passinault and Tampa Filmmakers, only on Tampa Bay Film.
So, you heard from so-and-so that he is not well-liked, and you don’t want to give him a chance or find out the_truth for yourself? Do you blindly believe everything that you hear? Consider the source when it comes to any opinion. Passinault doesn’t like, or doesn’t approve of what everyone else seems to like? Does that make him wrong? If he is wrong, can you be specific about what it is that makes him wrong? You can’t do it? Why is that? Or, is it because he simply disagrees with people that you know, or that you know of, or goes against popular opinion? What makes something popular opinion; the herd mentality where everyone follows each other off of a cliff, like with Lemmings? Ask yourself: What has that mindless herd mentality, where people do what everyone else seems to be doing, done for Tampa indie film. Has it worked? Are Tampa filmmakers being taken seriously, and is Tampa indie film on the map? Why not? Why is it that people outside of the film scene, and even large film festivals, don’t seem to take Tampa filmmakers and indie film in Tampa Bay seriously? Why do they humor you, instead?
Why isn’t independent film in Tampa Bay respected, and treated, as art? Why do large film festivals serve to market the Tampa Bay area as a location for the outside competition of Tampa filmmakers, and why don’t they seem to be genuine about supporting Tampa indie film? Do they merely humor Tampa filmmakers for the sake of public relations, and so they can get Tampa filmmakers to blindly support an agenda which is not in the best interest of Tampa filmmakers? You don’t read Tampa Bay Film and the Tampa Film Blog with an open mind, and don’t consider that what is on the Tampa Bay Film sites have merit, good points, and that the information is there to help people (and, if you don’t agree with what is posted on the Tampa Film Blog, you are more than welcome to post a response and debate. So far, no one has had the courage to publically disagree and post a counterpoint, especially because most of those who would disagree with Passinault are ignorant, and instead of being professional enough to debate, they resort to slander and credibility attacks)? Are you a mindless follower who does not think for themselves, and who lacks courage? Are you afraid of offending people because you feel that you can’t do anything without their help?
Don’t sell yourself short. Find out for yourself. If you are with those who lie, cheat, and steal, you are backing the losing side, and Passinault does not lie, cheat, and steal, despite what others accuse him of; it also makes sense that he would not get along with those who do so, too, as roaches generally hate the light. He does not deserve the lies, slander, and the attempted attacks against his credibility. Granted, it is taking him a while do get some things done, but good things take time, and just because things are delayed does not mean that they will not happen. Some things are worth the wait, especially when everything out now that people have been forced to accept and deal with do not work (although, to be fair, if it still has not happened in the next ten years, then complaints would be justified, and it would be safe to say that it didn’t happen. Passinault should be completely vindicated within five years, and at that point, it is expected that these people, as their voices and credibility become less significant, will find something else completely pointless about him to complain about, as they are not mature and professional enough to admit it when they are wrong).
Besides, you’ll never get anywhere following others and allowing their opinions to become your own, anyway. Also, if you do become a part of the problem, you will be held accountable for what you do, and you will undermine your ability to become involved with Tampa indie film in the future. You’ll deserve it, too. Sure, on the outside looking in, you will be able to make films independently on your own and do what you want to, but you will not benefit from any of the advantages that the full use of available resources will give you; you will be handicapped, and it will be much more difficult to succeed as a Tampa filmmaker. The future of Tampa independent film needs leaders, innovators, and professionals who think for themselves. It doesn’t need followers and obsessed obscure film fans making fan films and trying to be filmmakers. Consider this the acid test. What you decide, what you support, what you do, and what you say will define your future in Tampa indie film. Go against Passinault and the movement to make Tampa indie film respectable and professionally accountable, and you might just find that being a mindless follower will put you in a position where you are on the outside looking in, which is the reward of failing the test.
If you don’t like him because of what someone told you, or you get mad at his posts on the Tampa Film Blog because you feel attacked or insulted, you need to read this. There are two sides to every story, and C. A. Passinault did not start the war in the Tampa indie film scene. He is ending it, although at the moment, it is an ongoing, perpetual war of opinion, criticism, and controversy.
Change does not come easy, however, and neither does progress.
Only in the Tampa film scene can you be accused of crimes for standing up for yourself, and calling them as they are. Only in the Tampa film scene are baseless allegations, allegations which are completely false, accepted as fact, and the target of the slander is guilty until proven innocent. Passinault spent a great deal of time helping Tampa filmmakers, and kept his opinions to himself. He was repaid when some spineless, insecure filmmakers, who were either afraid of competing with him and wanted to destroy his credibility, or they simply discriminated against him, repaid his help by making up rumors about him and slandering him (don’t believe us, if you dare. Help some of these filmmakers out, and see what happens! If this has happened to you, YOU NEED TO SPEAK OUT about it, and don’t let them get away with it). Completely unoriginal, some filmmakers copied what others made up, and started passing around lies as the_truth. This was highly unprofessional, unethical, inexcusable, and would not be tolerated. Upon find out this was going on, C. A. Passinault merely stood up for himself, and, determined to make sure that they were accountable for their slander, he spoke out to help those victims who had no voice. He also began to openly voice his opinions, and his criticisms, as those Tampa filmmakers were doing work of amateur quality.
If you voice an opinion about some Tampa filmmakers which they do not agree with, or give them a bad, but well-deserved, review, they won’t accept it. They will further try to destroy your credibility, and slander you, with the hope that people will see the bad reviews and criticism as some sort of personal attack against them. They will accuse you of crimes, and tell people that you are insane (that’s it, exactly. They are perfect, and they can do no wrong. Anyone who dares to disagree with them is insane, and has some personal agenda against them. The only people that you are permitted to listen to are people who agree with them, and who kiss their butts).
Slander is the new discrimination, and it undermines Tampa indie film. Not that these insignificant, self-important idiots actually care about Tampa indie film and making progress for Tampa independent film. Although they will put out lots of pretense and false modesty, they are really only out for themselves, and since they can’t compete, they lie, cheat, and steal not to only make it, like they believe that they are entitled to, but to sabotage prospective competitors, as well.
There have been many aspiring filmmakers which gave up and left because they were slandered and attacked. No one will ever know how much talent was lost in Tampa indie film over the years because of these jealous, petty amateurs.
With such unprofessionalism in Tampa indie film there is little wonder that there is not independent film community in Tampa Bay (a clique of amateur filmmakers claiming that they are a film community while they gang up on outsiders with slander and discrimination does not make it a film community, and you can’t trust them), and that Tampa independent film is not on the map, and is not taken seriously. You can thank the showboating, insecure Tampa filmmakers for undermining progress in Tampa indie film.
If this happened to you, what would you do? Would you give up and crawl away, defeated and cowardly, or would you stand up for yourself and speak out? Furthermore, what if you were accused of crimes and publicly mocked for standing up for yourself? What if people who you did not know began to dislike you because people were lying to them about you? How would you feel? What would you do?
Whether going away or sticking up for yourself, such a situation is one where you are damned if you do or don’t. The path of most resistance, however, is to fight, and if you have a vested interest in Tampa indie film, in actually helping those who deserve it, and in a future as a independent filmmaker, you fight.
Passinault was more than equipped to fight. As a long-successful entertainment and business ethics activist, he was the wrong person for these people to attack. They didn’t do their homework, however, and soon discovered that trying their shady tactics on Passinault was a mistake. A BIG mistake. Passinault had more than enough resources to put them in their place, and to make them accountable for what they did, and that’s exactly what he did to them. The only thing that Passinault is guilty of is stating the obvious.
Passinault began working on Tampa Bay Film in 2006, and the new site was only going to be a resource for Tampa indie film and filmmakers. Tampa Bay Film, despite claims made by detractors, was NOT set up to slam Tampa filmmakers, or to wage any kind of fight (although it did have that capability built in, using the same Raptor Class - The original Raptor 1, and then the Raptor 2 - design as Tampa Bay Modeling did. Tampa Bay Modeling waged an extremely effective war on modeling scams, and the Raptor Class site was optimized to fight scams. So, when it was apparent that Tampa Bay Film would also have to fight, the design of the site easily supported it. The upcoming Dreadnought Class site design, and the name says it all, which all of the Tampa Bay Film sites may be converted to in the next year, are also optimized to fight scams, and to defend against them as well, using the very latest scam-fighting concepts and technologies. The Dreadnought Class site is also expandable, and it is designed from the ground-up to employ a meta site concept if required, the meta site concept pioneered by the current Super Raptor Class site design exclusively used for the Tampa Bay Film sites. The Tampa Bay Film sites now number more than the original eight, and eight sites is the limit of the Super Raptor, so the site design has to be upgraded. The first Dreadnought Class sites are scheduled to be used with the Tampa Bay Photographers and the Tampa Bay Dancer sites, and then will be considered for use with the Tampa Bay Film sites after an initial shakedown period of several months, where it will be extensively tested before becoming operational. Widespread deployment of the Dreadnought is scheduled for 2012, with most of the current Raptor 3 Raptor Class sites scheduled to be replaced by the Dreadnoughts, and if used for the Tampa Bay Film sites, the sites would be converted from the Super Raptor Class sites to the cutting-edge Dreadnought Class sites, and would be fully operational with the new design before the Reverence Film Festival, our first film festival event, which is still scheduled for Fall 2012). The fight was forced upon it, and the problems began from the moment that it launched. Upon launching in January 2007, Tampa Bay Film opened with an online film festival, and Passinault ran right into a rival online film festival started by a Tampa filmmaker whom, in Passinault’s observation, overheard his plans when Passinault was talking about the development of Tampa Bay Film and the online film festival with another filmmaker. To add insult to injury, a well-known blogger sided with the other filmmaker, and implied in a review, and in online posts, that Passinault ripped off the filmmaker when putting together the Tampa Bay Film online film festival, which was incorrect (this blogger, who usually kisses butt and cheerleads Tampa indie film, was biased, and the only negative thing that she has ever written was about Tampa Bay Film. Fortunately, the Tampa indie film scene has this Tampa Film Blog, which is the most relevant, and impartial, blog for Tampa indie film).
It didn’t, though, as the other online film festival failed in a few months, and the Tampa Bay Film online film festival became very successful. The real imitator failed.
In late 2007, a revealing series of posts on a fanboy message board spelled out what was going on. Passinault found himself under attack, and a group of film fans ganged up on him and tried to attack his credibility with slander (libel on the message boards).
In December, 2007, as Tampa Bay Film neared its first anniversary, the Tampa indie film war began, and Passinault realized that he had nothing to lose. He decided to tell it how it was on Tampa Bay Film, and to start reviewing every aspect of independent film in Tampa Bay to help it improve. So, Passinault criticized, and the film fans feebly fought back with slander. This is what the actual war consisted of, and it went on for months, and eventually, years, as the film fans would not admit that they were defeated. It’s been a perpetual war, and the conflict has been going on for 3 ½ years now, with no end anytime soon (estimates put the end of the war to around 2014 / 2015, and we are prepared to wage it as long as it takes. Passinault tried to end it in early 2009, having achieved victory, but was attacked again the next day. It’s been going on ever since).
Despite claims to the contrary, Passinault has not slandered anyone. Criticism, reviews, opinion, and parody is not slander, and those who think that it is need to consult an attorney. Although Passinault is personally at odds with these people because of their slander and underhanded tactics against him, personal feelings aside, his opinions have points, and they also have weight. Could it be that C. A. Passinault is right? History will be the judge, and people should allow time to reveal all. Time tells all.
The people who spread lies, rumors, and slander others will find that their underhanded tactics will backfire when those who they have been talking to finally meet and get to know Passinault. They will realize that they were lied to by a bunch of amateurs who are not in the position to help them in any way, nor are inclined to. It is then that the lairs will find that their credibility will be destroyed. Their significance in the Tampa indie film scene will be gone, too, and they will fade into history as little more than a footnote in the amateur era of Tampa indie film.
Pick your side carefully. Make sure that you know the facts. Don’t be like the spineless filmmaker who backs the losing side, and misses an opportunity. It is up to you to find out the_truth for yourself, and work together to eventually end this war.
For the sake of Tampa indie film, you had better hope that the people who undermine other filmmakers by lying, cheating, and stealing, and sabotage Tampa indie film, don’t prevail. They haven’t made any progress in the past, and ten years from now, Tampa indie film will not only still be the mess of amateur work that it is now, but it won’t be on the map. In that scenario, the general public, and others, will not only disrespect independent filmmaking as art, and as a player, but will still take advantage of filmmakers, advancing their agendas at the expense of Tampa filmmakers and filmmaking in Tampa Bay. Do you think that they care? Do you think that they see a future where Tampa indie film is a contender, and will be taken seriously. Is what you’ve experienced to date what you want to happen in the future? Is that what you want?
Fortunately, that scenario is more hypothetical, and dismal, than what the future is going to be. Passinault is working hard to help filmmakers who deserve respect and support, and is working hard to put together support infrastructure to support the first Tampa Film Community, and to help put Tampa indie film on the map. Passinault has a lot invested in Tampa indie film, and although all of this work is taking time, it’s looking better and better for independent filmmaking in Tampa Bay every day.
Believe it. Passinault and Tampa Bay Film will prevail. Just make sure that you know what side you are on, and that you don’t sell yourself short, or out.


UPDATED 05/24/11

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