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Thursday, April 30, 2009 - 4:00 PM - Tampa Indie Film Log for Filmmaker C. A. Passinault


It’s been a busy month. I’ve been working on infrastructure and have spent a lot of my time on Independent Modeling. I will be doing a lot with the Tampa indie film scene and with Tampa Bay Film in May, however, and will return to form.The_truth? It will become known in time. You reap what you sow, and in the end, the only one that you play and cheat is yourself. You pay with your career!
As I ponder what needs to be done, I am thinking of different things. For starters, about how weak most of the Tampa indie film scene is, and how this is going to change.
Now, I really don’t want to go bashing anyone, but there are some things which need to be said, and there are things which need to be done.
I’ve been involved with the Tampa indie film scene since late 2005. Since then, I have met most of the people who make up the scene, and know just about everything which is going on (many people talk to me, and I am a damn good listener). I was smart about how I became involved with the Tampa indie film scene, and over the years, I cut through a lot of the B.S., and know how all the players really are. I’ve experienced discrimination, and have been slandered. Unlike most, however, I fought back, and had the resources to do so. Just about everyone who started trouble with me have come to regret it, and they will continue to regret it in the future, not because of what I will do to them, but because I won’t have anything to do with them. Hey, they did it to themselves, and have only themselves to blame.
Those who backstabbed me, and who caused me trouble, are idiots. They certainly messed with the wrong person.
You see, I’m going to be the best thing going on in the Tampa indie film scene. I’m still working on completing the foundation of what is to come, and, unlike others who have claimed that they are helping the Tampa indie film scene, I actually am sincere about my motives. What is most amusing to me, however, is that many of these so-called Tampa filmmakers screwed themselves. They underestimated me and what my people are working on. It’s a lot like meeting someone at a party and disliking them because you are jealous of them for some reason or you are intimidated by them because you perceive them to be competition. Because you don’t like them, you are rude to them and spread rumors about them. You regret it later, however, because you realize that you made a mistake by attacking someone who is a potential employer, and you messed up the job interview without realizing that you were being evaluated the entire time.
I’m not going to go out of my way to do anything to anyone who was unprofessional with me. I’m not going to go out of my way to help them, either, even when they are begging for my help. I’m a firm believer that you reap what you sow. Although many of these Tampa filmmakers don’t realize it yet, they need me a lot more than I need them. As a matter of fact, I’ve evaluated them for a while now, and have determined that I’m better off without them. I have not been impressed with them, and am convinced that, if the Tampa indie film scene were to continue on without some serious intervention, that it would not be any better off in the next five years. You will still have the same crappy films being made, and the lack of progress because so-called filmmakers play politics and work to undermine each other.
For the most part, it is time to reboot the entire Tampa indie film scene and cut our losses. It is time to cut off all the trouble makers and discourage their efforts as filmmakers by leaving them on the outside. It is my dream to see these fakes fail and give up, because they are only out to help themselves at the expense of others, and are making the Tampa indie film scene look bad.
That’s not to say that everyone needs to go. I have a list, and although that list is a short one, those on that list have earned my respect, and will receive my full support, as well as the support of the infrastructure that is being built.
Now, I am sure that most Tampa filmmakers will not have a clue about what I am about to publish here, especially with the lack of business skills that they have exhibited over the years, but they will not be able to compete against what is coming. This market is about to expand, and the filmmakers who don’t have what it takes will find themselves outnumbered. They will be outnumbered by a new generation of filmmakers who will learn by the examples set by me and my people. This new generation of indie filmmakers will use the Tampa Bay Film site as their bible, and they will be unstoppable. It is inevitable, and new blood must be brought into the film scene; revolution and growth is impossible with the current dead wood clogging up the Tampa indie film scene.
I have no desire to sell them film classes or to run a film school. I will be too busy making films and working indie film to teach it, and I will teach by default by leading by example. I will also ensure that this new generation of Tampa indie filmmakers will be independent, and they won’t be dependent upon me to succeed.
Some of you may be wondering how this is possible? Allow me to explain.
I am going to expand the Tampa film scene by revolutionizing it and the way that it works. I will inspire new filmmakers to get involved by utilizing Blue Ocean business tactics (look it up, if you are able to comprehend business).
One of the complaints that I often receive about the Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival is that many of the indie films featured on it are not from Tampa. Currently, that’s unavoidable. If I were to stick to “Tampa films only”, it wouldn’t be much of a film festival, and it would cripple it as a indie film marketing and promotion platform. While is does put an emphasis on Tampa films, and this will work well in the future, at the current time, there just aren’t enough Tampa indie films available to carry a film festival. Also, of those Tampa films that are available, few of them are any good. This will change, but not without a lot of work. Not without revolution.
So, what’s up with all of those indie films on the online film festival from all over the world? Well, for the most part, many of them can be done here in Tampa. The primary reason for including them is to inspire Tampa filmmakers to make great films, and to open their eyes to the possibilities of filmmaking.
I’m going to say it now. Indie filmmaking is no longer expensive, if you know what you are doing and you are smart about doing it. I’m even going to prove it. In a few short weeks, I will be ready to do what I’ve been planning on doing for the past ten years. It will only cost me pocket change, too. For less than $1,000.00 in equipment, I am going to put together some short films which will be of higher quality than most Tampa indie films that have been done up to this point, and they will be impressive enough to land some investors in the future and enable feature films to be made with the best equipment available. This strategy has served me well in my photography business, and I sell a lot of shoots based on the work in my photography portfolio. Want to know a secret? When I first went pro in my photography career, back in 2001, digital cameras were expensive. I invested in a 3.3 Megapixel Nikon, a consumer camera, for $1,600.00 (the camera was $1,000.00, 64 meg CF flash cards were $150.00, and the other accessories were also expensive). In just over a year, I paid off my investment and shot circles around just about every Tampa photographer. As a matter of fact, there were photographers who were shooting with $5,000.00 pro SLR digital cameras, and they were pissed off when they found out what I was using to take their business away. I not only took better pictures than they did, but I outsold them. Today, although digital cameras are now cheap and photographers seem to be a dime-a-dozen, I still dominate the Tampa photography services market, although my consumer camera wore out long ago, and I am using pro-level cameras.
I have a feeling that history is about to repeat itself.
I’ve done the research. I’ve paid my dues long ago. I have the resources, such as the best actors (as I have demonstrated several times by referring top actors to Tampa film productions). I now have the equipment that I need, and surprise, it wasn’t as expensive as they say that it is. As a matter of fact, I will be doing some revolutionary film projects for less than I invested with my digital photography equipment all those years ago.
I have other things in the works. Interesting things that I cannot go into detail over, yet. I have two more Tampa film-relevant web sites in the works, and have four film festival properties in development (all of the film festival properties are being designed with the Blue Ocean strategy in mind, and are not dependent upon the current Tampa film scene at all; current being the clue word. They will all succeed even if everyone in the current Tampa indie film scene did not support them). Just like photography, I will seize the Tampa indie film scene, and will dominate in every category. I will help filmmakers who deserve my help. I will assist with the creation of the first professional Tampa indie film community. I will own the best film festivals in Tampa. I will inspire other filmmakers by producing some of the most creative films ever done in the Tampa indie film scene. I will also support these efforts with the full resources of all of my companies and business assets.
I am serious about Tampa indie film, and supporting a film scene which demands respect. Would you rather have Hollywood come here to do their motion pictures, and to compete with Tampa filmmakers for resources, or would you prefer to have Hollywood distributors come to Tampa looking for Tampa indie films to buy?
I thought so. The irony, however, is that, despite my claims that “I will be the one”, that most of this will come about by the efforts of others, inspired by some things that my people and I do. I can’t do this alone. I’m going to need the help of talented filmmakers to put the Tampa indie film scene on the map. It’s just that I don’t need the help of most of the filmmakers currently in the Tampa indie film scene. Most of the current filmmakers have mismanaged and sold-out the Tampa indie film scene, and have no place in the future market. The future belongs to a select few now present, and filmmakers who have yet to begin.
What do I want? What everyone should want. I want the Tampa film commission to respect Tampa filmmakers. I want large film festivals who use Tampa filmmakers as cheap labor, and which exist to attract the competition of those filmmakers to the Tampa Bay market, to go away. I want to see a variety of innovative, and quality, Tampa indie films which inspire respect. I also want to see the Tampa indie film scene grow and stand on its own two feet. I believe that the Tampa indie film scene should innovate and create its own Hollywood East, and not to depend upon others to make it happen. We don’t need Hollywood to come here. We need to build our own Hollywood East, and attract those who are looking for films to buy instead of selling out to attract our competition here.
The Tampa indie film scene, so far, has failed. It’s time to do something different. It is time to get rid of the self-serving fake filmmakers, and to attract new talent for the upcoming revolution.
It’s time for change.
I’m weeding. You should be weeding, too. Choose who you work with carefully.
At any rate, it’s back to work for me. I’ll be adding more films to the online film festival in May. I also have the money to invest in the best marketing material for Tampa Bay Film. My photography and design services company will be creating some new marketing material for Tampa Bay Film (the same resources that go into the best modeling composite cards in the modeling industry will be used to create the best marketing cards ever seen in the Tampa indie film scene). I will also be stepping up efforts to cover, and review, Tampa film festivals, and will be attending with teams to add interviews at those festivals, much like Scream @ The Wall has done. Expect those video interviews to be available on Tampa Bay Film in the near future. We will have that interview capability at the end of May, 2009.


UPDATED 12/09/10

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