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Boring Indie Film - Major SEO Work This Summer

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 - 8:45 AM - Tampa Indie Film Log for Filmmaker C. A. Passinault

If A Tree Falls, And No One Is Around, Does It Make A Sound?

Please. There is a small clique of people who refuse to believe that Tampa Bay Film exists. It’s like “If we ignore it, and don’t admit that it is the voice of Tampa indie film, we can deny its existence, and therefore it does not exist”.
Except it does. Ignoring it does not make it less relevant. Just because you are ignoring it doesn’t mean everyone else is. The irony? All of you already realize this. You just refuse to admit it, at least publicly. Privately, in the darkness of night, many of you spend long hours with the glow of Tampa Bay Film on your screens. You ponder what is published on the Tampa Bay Film sites, and worry about the film scene which is coming- a film scene that may drop you like a bad habit, and if it remembers you at all, you will be remembered as a has-been, never-was, or a failure in the amateur era of Tampa indie film.
At this point, Tampa Bay Film and its armada of seven other web sites have reached search engine saturation, and it’s only just the beginning of what is coming (you should see the flyers and other marketing tools that I am now using). Just about everyone, including the people who refuse to publicly acknowledge it, read Tampa Bay Film, read this film blog, watch indie films on the online film festival, and read the other sites. This site influences a lot of people, and makes a difference. At this point, Tampa Bay Film is one of the few sane, professional voices of reason that the Tampa film scene has.
The Tampa Bay Film sites are dominant, and only increasing in popularity and effectiveness. There will come a time when Tampa Bay Film will be the definition of the Tampa indie film scene, and even the minority who are detractors will be forced to acknowledge it as a standard. It will become the standard, too, setting new benchmarks for indie film, especially with all the work going into it. There will come a time when Tampa Bay Film will be the source for all things indie film in Tampa Bay, will have the most relevant network of film festivals, and will have the best indie film events in the bay area. The next generation of Tampa filmmakers, who will displace the small group of current filmmakers, will come along in the next five years or so, and they will define the Tampa indie film scene because of Tampa Bay Film.
I’ve experienced discrimination, slander, hate, threats (including death threats and threats of assault by Tampa “filmmakers”), and a lot of unprofessional and unethical behavior at the hands of the Tampa indie film clique, a clique which was masquerading as a Tampa indie film community. I did not start the fight. I’m certain at this time that they regret starting their B.S. with me. I was the wrong person to mess with. I am an entertainment ethics activist, with a proven track record of disrupting, and then changing, industries, and the way that business is done. I continue to work to change Tampa indie film. I am sincere about helping make Tampa indie film a leader in the independent film industry. I am also working to make sure that new filmmakers all get a fair shot at contributing to the film scene, are able to become a part of the upcoming Tampa film community, and will not be treated like I was. I am fighting for your rights, the rights of Tampa filmmakers, and the future of indie film in Tampa Bay.
We are winning the fight, too. The back of the film clique has been broken, and now the remaining people are fighting each other (and I get a lot of amusement witnessing those fights.... It’s kind of like flying over a third world country in jets and watching the primitive natives throwing spears at each other, below). They are defeated, and are becoming more irrelevant every day. The Tampa Film Review, which was the hangout for the clique, failed. A fanboy web site, their online hangout, is in serious decline. I sit back and laugh at the infighting, and the ghost town which used to be a thriving message board. I won many great fights on that message board, and now, no one uses it because they chased away, or banned, all of the cool people. I’m looking forward to the day when the message board is deleted. The models, talent, and I will sit back and celebrate. It will be a great day indeed.
The reason for your decline is not what you think. It’s not Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, or anything else. It’s you. You did it to yourselves! Your clique of hate, and your discrimination and slander against others, caught up to you. People stay away from you because they figured out that you are a clique of insecure haters. People are staying away, too. You had your shot, and you blew it! I love the spin that you give, and the excused, however; it’s amusing. In my opinion, you didn’t give up covering Tampa indie film because a lot of others are now doing it. It’s because Tampa Bay Film is doing it, and you can no longer compete with the new standard, the voice of Tampa indie film. We don’t need all the B.S. and propaganda. We need the real issues covered so we can address what is wrong with Tampa indie film. We need solutions. We don’t need some insecure kiss-ass endlessly promoting “popular” film festivals which do not have the best interests of Tampa indie film in mind. We do not need people selling out Tampa filmmakers, or selling out Tampa indie film!
Nolan posted the following on what’s left of his message board:

My original purpose in covering local film was because nobody else was doing it, and I felt it needed to be exposed. In the beginning there was the TamBay Film Festival which went broke after several years of groundbreaking effort. There was also Saints & Sinners for a while. But there was no Gasparilla Film Festival, no SunScreen Film Festival, no Facebook, no MySpace, and no YouTube. There was the TFR, TFF, and us. All that's changed. Through the efforts of The Tampa Film Review, the PCR, and the tireless work of local filmmakers, Tampa finally got put on the map. Then, the Gasparilla Film Festival grew way beyond its humbler roots into a national attraction.
They've gone bigtime and certainly don't need me to promote them anymore. My status as a reviewer and film judge apparently went with Eric Odum. Doesn't mean I no longer support local indie film.
When the GIFF was originally announced at TFR, the format was a different story. But that was then, this is now. I'm glad they've finally upped the percentage of local films into what they originally said they were going to do. And there's nothing wrong with the direction they took. GIFF is rivaling the Sarasota Film Festival and soon may outpace even them. I'm very proud of them. They bring money and attention into the city.

I disagree, Nolan. GIFF has not hit the big time. Remember, too, that I WAS THE ONLY ONE who brought up the issue of the original format, too, and the only one who addressed it (also, when I dared to question Paul about it, he tried to attack my credibility with slander instead of answering my questions, or having a simple debate). The rest of you jumped on the bandwagon and blindly supported it! After the first GIFF, a lot of people realized that I had been right! In my opinion, it is an overhyped film festival created to market the Tampa Bay area as a production location for outside productions. Those outside productions would compete with Tampa filmmakers for limited resources, undermining the creation of local Tampa films, and keeping us off the map. It’s all about money, Nolan. In my opinion, the GIFF was created by the Tampa film commission (with the help of a Tampa filmmaker who sold out his filmmaker brothers. I was there at the Tampa Film Network meeting in 2006 when this all went down!), as a way to attract Hollywood here and bring business to the market. Hollywood has deep pockets, and it would be very hard for Tampa filmmakers to compete with large productions coming in, like locusts, and using Tampa resources at the expense of local filmmaking.
I don’t believe that these current large film festivals have the best interests of the Tampa indie film scene in mind. I don’t think that they really care, despite what they say. In my opinion, GIFF is the marketing pawn of the film commission. The other large film festival seems to be more interested in selling expensive film workshops than in investing in, or supporting, the local film scene. We don’t need the fake pretension of Sarasota, either. Also, don’t get me started with the film commission. They need to stop trying to capitalize on the Tampa Bay Film brand, now! I don’t need them, and I’m sure that Tampa filmmakers are beginning to realize that they don’t need them, either.
Tampa Bay Film is the only publication which is addressing the issues with the Tampa indie film scene. I’m one of the few who actually question what is going on. The cool thing, though, it that everything that is published on Tampa Bay Film is significant. The issues that we raise are seen by everyone now, and many people are now asking those same questions themselves.
Oh, again, GIFF has NOT hit the big time! I am hearing from more than one source that the GIFF almost did not happen this year, and in my opinion, that would have been a blessing for us all. A curious fact about GIFF is that is was a lot shorter this year, too. I hardly call that growth!
Also, who in the hell in their right mind is going to travel to all of those different venues all of the days it ran and pay $10.00 per screening? Did anyone have the time, or the money, to attend the entire GIFF, despite its shorter length? These film festivals are the biggest load of B.S. ever, with simple movie theatre screenings branded with the GIFF name. I know a lot of people who did not go to GIFF because it sucked, it was overpriced, and it doesn’t do anything, in my opinion, to put Tampa indie film on the map.
Why are we one of the few who are openly pointing out that the Emperor has no clothes? This, at least, is my qualified opinion.
This is one of the reasons that Tampa Bay Film did not cover GIFF this year. We don’t see it as being relevant to the future of the Tampa film scene. Don’t believe the hype. Ask questions. Also, don’t blindly support something just because you think that everyone else is doing it!
Check the search engines lately? All the resources poured into Tampa Bay Film are working. I own 53 web sites now, and soon it will be 60. Of those 53 sites, 8 of them are Tampa Bay Film sites. Tampa Bay Film, out of all of my internet investments, is the single largest investment that I have made into online resources. Even my top modeling and talent resource sites take second place to the resources that have been invested in Tampa Bay Film. I’m serious about Tampa indie film, and am also serious about addressing all of the fake B.S. crippling Tampa indie film.
Progress cannot be stopped. Market domination is inevitable, and the first place that will happen is online. I’ll keep doing this, and working on this, until our objectives are met.
Do you think that we would do all of this work, and not do anything with it? There is a plan, and although some progress has been slow, things will get done.
For now, though, I am happy about how far Tampa Bay Film has come in the past three years. I’m also looking forward to making indie films, bringing new filmmakers into the Tampa film scene, and then launching a network of revolutionary film festivals which will be sincere about supporting the advancement of the Tampa indie film scene.
I will say this now. Right now, in my opinion, the only reason that GIFF is still around, and is hyped, is because it is the only game in town (much like the TFR used to be). Everyone of you sheep out there who jump on the bandwagon and blindly support things like GIFF should be ashamed of themselves!
Once my film festivals, real film festivals, are introduced to the market, I’m looking forward to putting as many of these film festivals out of business as possible.
I’m C. A. Passinault, and I am honest about supporting the advancement of Tampa indie film. I don’t cheerlead, I don’t hype, I don’t sell out Tampa filmmakers, and I don’t compromise. How many out there are with me on this?
I don’t roll over. I don’t go away. I don’t give up. I don’t stop. I fight the good fight, within legal and ethical boundaries, and stand up for what I believe in. I am the opponent that you don’t want to go up against. I win.
It may not seem like it now, but the movement is growing. Tampa indie film, and Tampa filmmakers, will one day be taken seriously, and these false people now making a mockery of Tampa indie film deserve the backlash that they get from the professionals who are fed up with all of the pretense, politics, and B.S.!
You should see all of the emails that I get denouncing all of the crap. It’s like “Hi, I am so and so, a filmmaker in Clearwater. I am a regular reader of Tampa bay Film, and I agree with the points that you have brought up on your site. Before you continue reading, please understand that I am, in no way, affiliated with Paul, the fanboy clique, or.........”.
That’s right. They denounce the Tampa film clique. They denounce the unprofessional B.S. that the Tampa film scene has had to endure. I’m not the only one who is fed up with all of this. Our numbers are growing. People are opening their eyes to the truth. Deal with it.
Tampa filmmakers do not need Hollywood to come here and “save us”, creating Hollywood East. That won’t happen. Hollywood productions in Tampa Bay, in my opinion, and as the production of The Punisher demonstrated, would undermine Tampa indie film. With Hollywood here, local filmmakers would find it much more difficult to make their films, and to sell put Tampa indie film on the map.
Tampa filmmakers need to make it happen. We need to form the first professional indie film community, and establish our own Hollywood east! I’m determined to help make this future happen.


UPDATED 01/03/11

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