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Where Tampa filmmakers unite. News. Opinions. Knowledge. Power.


Friday, March 27, 2009 - 11:00 AM - Tampa Indie Film Log for Filmmaker C. A. Passinault

At Last, It Happens

With wreckage littering the smoldering landscape of the Tampa film scene in the wake of the great Tampa indie film war of 2008, much remains to be done to pave the way for the formation of the first professional Tampa film The ruins of the TFR in the aftermath of the great Tampa indie film scene war of 2008.community. Well, there is at least one thing that I am certain of...... Tampa film networking, as it stands now, will have little to do with the advancement of Tampa indie film. What’s the problem with collaborations between filmmakers and other talent? Nothing at all, as long as professionals are involved. The problem is that there are too many aspiring filmmakers or Tampa filmmakers who feel entitled to be the top dog. These filmmakers are not at all secure about what they do, if they know what they are doing at all, and set each other up to fail. They collaborate on films and other projects, and some try to sabotage those who they work with in an effort to make them scapegoats and undermine their credibility. Much remains to be done, but the big fight is, mostly, now behind us. The Tampa indie film clique has been broken. We won the war for the integrity of the Tampa indie film scene. We now need to figure out who all of the professional filmmakers are, sincerely collaborate with them in order to mutually benefit, and at least make those first steps toward respecting each other and getting along.
At this point, I believe that everyone in the Tampa film scene (notice that I have not said “community”, since it still does not exist, and I predict that it won’t for at least another two or three years) knows what’s going on and knows what the score is. I, for one, have beat this subject over the head again and again, and I think that I’ve done enough there. I may have been stating the obvious all of this time, but it comes off as bashing the Tampa film scene to the people who are ignorant of the obvious.
It was never my intention to bash the Tampa film scene. In due time, I will prove, through my actions, that I am the one of the largest supporters and proponents of the advancement of Tampa indie film. The professional filmmakers will receive my full support. The ones who try to undermine the Tampa indie film scene will not. At this time, I am well aware of who everyone is and what category that they fall in. So do many others, and as I am told, they are as sick of what has been going on as I have been. We are in agreement.
Some of those bad apples in the Tampa indie film scene claim that I built sites like Tampa Bay Film and the Tampa Film Blog to “slam them”, and even go so far as to destroy them. Once again, this is not the case. A while ago I posted some apologies on this Tampa Film Blog to some people about misunderstandings. I really did mean what I wrote, and still do, even after at least one of them attacked me in the wake of the apology.
Alright now. Enough of the mis perception that I am bashing the Tampa indie film scene. I have a two part announcement to make.
First, here are some facts.

1. I am now hard at work with my services companies (focusing on my photography and design company initially, and then progressing to my event planning / stage production companies after I delegate staff for the photography and design services company. After the event planning / stage production companies are where I need them (which will be doing my Tampa film festivals), I will then concentrate on my Tampa advertising agency). This work is going to take me several months, and I will not have much time to do anything else. The services companies are critical for the support of what I have planned.

2. I will be making new films beginning this summer. I am building support infrastructure at the moment to make this happen, and it will enable me to shoot as much film footage as I need to. One of those tools is a new computer system with at least four Terabytes of storage and massive archiving capabilities (this computer will feature some incredible security features, and will never be connected directly to a network or the Internet). By this fall, I will be shooting more film footage on a daily basis than all of the Tampa filmmakers combined!

3. Why will I be shooting so much film footage? I can’t tell you, yet. Let’s just say that there is a reason for every thing that I do. Next year, some of you might be able to figure out the reason why I will be shooting that much.

4. Does this mean that people will be able to see my newest films this fall? No. Not at all. My film projects will be some of the most secret projects in the history of Tampa indie film. I do not intend to release any films until the middle of 2010, at the earliest, and even then, most of those will be short films. Some of those films, however, will be really cool, perhaps even revolutionary, and some of them will be unlike anything ever seen before in indie film.

5. Does this mean that I will not be using my online film festival to show my films? No, not at all. I completely believe in what I have built with the online film festival. Once released, my films will be available on my online film festival (released being the key word there). By next year, it will become obvious that the online film festival has built-in capabilities which no film festival event could ever do. These capabilities are already online, but I have not started to push them, yet. Yes, I am up to something, and it is very, very cool.

6. I will now confirm that I am working on no less than FOUR Tampa film festival event properties (I am also working on a video game festival, modeling events, and other event properties which have nothing to do with Tampa indie film, but a good percentage of all of these properties are film festivals). At least one of those Tampa film festival properties takes professional networking very, very seriously, and it will do it much better than any Tampa film networking event has done, or will be able to do (if you are trying to run a Tampa film networking event, there is a good chance that our efforts will cripple your event, or, more probable, put you out of business altogether. You will not be able to compete.). Obviously, I feel that film festivals are very important for what I have planned, and they are a valuable investment for what is to come. That’s all that I can confirm for now, but I can assure everyone that these will be worth waiting for! The current Tampa film festivals, even the large annual Tampa film festivals, may even be forced to rethink things. Some of them may lose steam, or even fail, if they fail to adapt to what is coming. A few short years from now, if anyone mentions a Tampa film festival, they will think of me and my people (If it is a Passinault film festival, then it’s worth checking out. If not, you may as well pass it over....). The same may even go for inquiries about Tampa indie film.

7. A few days ago, I completely redid the Tampa Film Showcase film festival and professional networking event series web site (and I did not add any information that can be stolen and used to compete against it). It was a lot of work, and the information is as current as it will before the film festival debuts (at this point, tentatively, just under two years from now). Do you think that I would put so much work into a film festival which I have no intention of ever doing? Give it time. It is going to happen. It will happen, however, when I think that the time is right, and not before. If you are not happy with that, then, by all means, utilize the online film festival for now. It will be updated regularly. You can also try to deal with the current Tampa film festivals, if you can get them to be effective for you. After our Tampa film festivals are experienced, many of you will wonder what you were thinking when you put up with the flaws and the shady politics of current Tampa film festivals.

8. Oh, and on the subject of the Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival, it is still growing rapidly. We are receiving more and more film submissions every day, and a lot of those films are better than most Tampa films which have been made to date. The online film festival is already seeing numbers which outperform all of the Tampa film festival events combined! At this point, I am beginning to wonder if we will ever get some real competition. We’ve been steamrolling aspiring competitors too easily for my tastes, and I almost feel bad about it. I like challenges, and so far, there hasn’t been much of anything to go up against.

9. Which brings us to my new “silent running” status. Yes, I will continue to cover Tampa film events and Tampa films. I will continue to update Tampa Bay Film and its online film festival. I even have two more secret support projects in the works which are not film festivals, but are desperately needed to support what we have planned and the Tampa film scene of the near future.
That’s all that I can disclose for now. For the next year and a half, at least, I will be unusually quiet about what I’m working on. The veil of secrecy will be tight. Many of you will be forced to guess, and speculate (I am actually amused by this thought, as some of you have proven to be very creative when it comes to making up things about people who you fear competing against). This, of course, means that I will be posting far less Tampa Film Blog posts than before, and when I do post, it will be to point out updates to Tampa Bay Film or its online film festival (the online film festival will be updated this weekend, as I have a backlog of film submissions to add).

Now, for the second part of the announcement...............

Effective immediately, I am positioning both Tampa Bay Film and this Tampa Film Blog to support professional Tampa filmmakers.
I will no longer be the only filmmaker or professional in the Tampa film scene posting on this blog. I will invite other professionals in the Tampa indie film scene to participate here, and they can feel free to promote what they do and give anecdotes about their projects, if they wish. For the most part, it will be invite-only, but if anyone out there has something interesting to write and submit to this Tampa Film Blog, I would consider posting it. I will be adding an author index and menus to support that shortly. The Tampa Film Blog isn’t only for me to voice my opinions from, it is for all professional Tampa filmmakers.
We will also be adding more support features for Tampa Bay Film. A section will be added shortly indexing press releases for professionals in the Tampa indie film scene. We will also be adding support features such as a Tampa film industry job board and auditions.
Open support for the Tampa indie film scene? At last, it finally happened. Now, they have a voice, too. Together, our chorus of voices will make up the overall voice of Tampa indie film, and there is no power greater than that.


UPDATED 12/09/10

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