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Saturday, February 21, 2009 - 07:00 PM - Tampa Indie Film Log for Filmmaker C. A. Passinault

Hacked Up

Here’s an update for everyone......
We fixed the hacked files and have addressed the web site issues. The hacking incidents should be over now, especially since this experience has led to new policy changes on my end. I now have new security protocols in place that will make future security breaches unlikely, and have spent a lot of money on new firewalls and Internet security software. I also spent several days cleaning up my computers (although the main computer in the studio, now six years old with parts and a CPU which are nine years old, is on its last legs and needs a complete replacement. The only thing that I am keeping is the old 120 Gig drive, which is full of files, and will be discarding that once the files have been transferred to the new computer hard drives). These are fun times. It seems that I need new equipment across the board, from photography gear to event production equipment (one channel on my Samson amp reportedly cuts out).
Looks like my old Geomedia 3 studio equipment is outdated and worn out. I’ll be spending thousands this year procuring new equipment and building some new tech. This money will come from my service companies (mainly Aurora PhotoArts). Indie film relevant, there is no way around it: indie filmmaking equipment is a high priority, as just about all of my companies will require the use of this equipment. This means that indie filmmaking, and a ton of film projects, will happen by default.
Right now, I am concentrating on my service companies and sales. Since the new equipment requirements for my service companies has priority, this will slow down the procurement of my filmmaking gear for a while, but I should have the filmmaking gear and should be making films sometime this fall. I suppose I’ll wait just a little longer.
Because I cannot talk about some of the things that I’m working on before those things are ready to be unveiled (or unleashed), expect fewer announcements and posts on this Tampa Film Blog and Tampa Bay Film in 2009. The Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival, however, will see steady growth, and the efforts to combat and undermine Tampa film scams will continue updates this year, too. I’m about to unleash a brand new Tampa film scam analysis database and scam-fighting tools on Tampa Bay Film, and that technology will then be added to Tampa Bay Modeling and some of my other resource sites. If anyone out there is planning on running, or is operating, a Tampa film networking scam or a Tampa film workshop scam, get ready for it. You’re about to get really pissed off. Tampa Bay Film, Tampa Bay Acting, and many of my other talent and production support resources will be working together to make it extremely difficult for Tampa film scams to survive. Frankly, I need to disrupt unethical and unprofessional activity in the Tampa indie film scene to pave the way for what is coming; the formation of Tampa’s first professional film community, new types of film festivals, and some revolutionary indie film concepts which my people and I will be introducing. I’m really not happy about what I am seeing happening in the Tampa film scene right now (although the failure of the TFR is a good thing, in my humble opinion), and my people and I are working to make it very difficult for Tampa film scams to operate. Oh, and don’t anyone give me this charity B.S., and how you want to give back to the filmmaking community and help filmmakers, and how you barely break even, etc, etc. Don’t make claims that time will expose as a lie. We all know your game, and what your real intentions are. You are out to make money at the expense of others, and won’t really be helping anyone but yourselves. You’ll help yourselves to the cash that suckers give you. Ahem... Tampa does not need a film school (we already have one with IADT, and IT SUCKS, as well- I wouldn’t hire or work with anyone who “learned” at that school. A lot of the graduates of that school, and I am talking about photographers like Jason, spend a lot of time studying my web sites to learn what they were suppose to learn in school and stealing any of my ideas that they can get their hands on). Tampa does not need film workshops where the goal is to make money at the expense of those you trick into paying for it after you bait and switch them with a sales pitch and convince them that they don’t know what they are doing and that only you can teach them.. Whatever. I’m going to cut through that B.S. and expose you for the jokes that you are.
Oh, and there are MORE DELAYS, too. My film festivals, which have been ready to go, will not happen until I have some films of my own to show (some of my presentations will require them). Basically, I have all of the hardware and the people, but the software needs development. Since I am not one to rush things, I’ll wait until these things are ready. I will not be producing any Tampa film festivals this year, and my film festival efforts will continue on the Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival.
A revolution is coming, but some support work is needed before that happens. It’s going to be a long year in 2009.
Speaking of 2009, I expect things to be slow this year. Indications are that there will be fewer films done this year, as well as fewer Tampa film festivals and other events. The economy of this country is in surprisingly bad shape right now, and I am getting reports that Tampa filmmakers are having difficulty obtaining funding for their film projects. 2009 will probably turn out to be a long, deep-freeze winter for Tampa indie film, and 2010 will see the beginning of a revolution as spring dawns. I predict that, by 2011, the Tampa film scene will see a record number of some of the best films ever produced here, and the first professional Tampa indie film community could conceivably be formed by then (don't hold your breath that Paul, Joe, Pete, Dan, and the others in their Tampa film clique wil have any thing to do with a professional Tampa film community, either. They will either be out of business by then or will be left on the outside looking in, rightfully-forgotten relics of the dark ages of Tampa indie film. I won't work with them or won't have anything to do with them, and the smart people will follow my lead in boycotting them for holding back the progress of Tampa indie film and undermining any work towards forming a genuine professional Tampa indie film community).
Well, that is, if the economy improves somewhat. Right now, there is the possibility of an economic collapse in this country, and if that happens it will be very difficult for anyone to make films, as we will all be trying to find food and other resources instead. Although I did not vote for anyone, and don’t support Obama (and I did not support McCain, either, for that matter), I do have to say that Obama has some guts for doing some of the risky things that he has already done. I do hope that what he is doing works, but my feeling is that the guy doesn’t really know what he is doing. Time will tell. I just hope that we all don’t end up sitting around in tent cities and cardboard boxes discussing how our latest president was full of crap and couldn’t deliver on his promises.
Going back to filmmaking, I’ll be an optimist. Even if we are still in a recession in 2011, it can still be a new era in Tampa filmmaking. How? Let’s just say that good films can be made inexpensively now, and the technology to make those good films can be done with inexpensive equipment. I foresee a time where short films can be done for a few hundred dollars and professional quality feature films can be done for under ten thousand. When this comes to pass, and people realize what can be done with minimal equipment, we’ll see an explosion in the number of indie films being produced, and a lot of those films will be worth watching.
Didn’t someone just email everyone and claim that filmmaking is expensive ( Filmmaking is unfortunately very expensive....... ), and that’s why we need film workshops here in Tampa? I strongly disagree. Filmmaking can be expensive if you expect it to be, but you can make good films at more reasonable costs. Don’t believe me? That’s fine, because I intend to prove my point with my upcoming film projects.
Wait for it. It’ll be worth the wait.
Hmmmmm... Some thoughts. How are the film networking and film workshop scams going to do after I flood the market with free alternatives which are superior to what they are offering? Forget profit there..... I’m into investing into the integrity of the Tampa film scene. In the long run, this will benefit everyone, and all professionals will profit.


UPDATED 01/01/11

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