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The real deal about the Tampa indie film industry by Tampa film expert C. A. Passinault


Wednesday, January 14, 2009 - 10:00 AM - Tampa Indie Film Log for Filmmaker C. A. Passinault

Getting Started With The DV Camera

Well, I finally did it. I went out and invested in a Canon 480p DVD resolution DV camera on Monday, January 12, I took this picture over ten years ago. When I wrote The Point, it was a demonstrator story to demonstrate the techniques that would be used in the original Reverence feature film. The Point is now being developed into a screenplay, and will be shot as a short film this year, if I have time to do it this year.2009. I've been running tests with it, and the footage is of the great quality that I expected. It's capable of doing DVD quality feature films, although will be doing short films, experimental films, interviews, tutorial videos, and other projects with it.
It's an awesome little camera, and shoots in a 16:9 screen ratio as well as a traditional one. The footage is very usable, and the quality of the footage is as good as a non-HD camera can get. I have a few curve balls, however, that will take me a week or two to get around. Earlier today, I did some night tests of the camera for the upcoming short film The Point, which is based on my published short story, and will have additional scenes added to the screenplay version. It’ll work nicely.
Anyway, with my photography business and my hundreds of thousands of pictures, hard drive space on my computers is at a premium. The video files are huge, and I will have to invest in more hard drive space before I can do any short film. Additionally, my computers are slow, and Premier chokes on the files. If I had bought the HD camera, I'm afraid that I would not have been able to edit the footage until I upgraded my computers.
For now, I have a lot of cleaning to do with my fastest computer. It'll be a few days before I have my first test videos completed.
Fortunately, computers and large hard drives are cheap (now). I'll build a computer specifically for film editing and post production work. I also need to buy a card reader for SD HC cards, which don't read in my SD reader built into my laptop.
Other things that I need before I shoot my short films? A good tripod and a phantom power rig for sound. I already have the XLR microphone and the boom.
I did get some great footage so far, however. I looks like my eye from photography is translating well for indie film work.
Good stuff. This was an early teaser for Reverence back when it was Bloody Mary. The title, and the story, were changed after I learned that Tampa film production company Renegade Films was doing a Bloody Mary film. I like this picture, though. The woman in the mirror is my friend, Tampa actress Autumn Bange. The model is my friend Nicole Paquette. We shot this with a film camera at the University Of Tampa in 1998, and the picture of Autumn was taken in a studio against a bluescreen a few months earlier. Good stuff, although I do much better work, now. A Bloody Mary film is still not out of the question, too.Expect some footage to be revealed next month.
Speaking of next month, the online film festival probably won't have a lot of films added until February. I'll be busy with my photography company.
That doesn't mean that I won't be working on films, however. For my films to work, I have to be a director, DP, and an editor. The first two come easy, but editing so far has proven to be a pain. I feel like I am a photographer back in 1997 who doesn't know how to use Photoshop. Of course, these days, I can work Photoshop in my sleep, and these programs are not hard to master when I am used to learning video games. I'll have Premier down in a week, and then my editing skills from the old days will come into play.
I will say, on a side note, that I am sitting back and watching the latest Tampa Film Review / Tampa Film Network developments closely. Don’t rush it, guys. Take your time and do it right. Fix what is wrong, and what I pointed out in the reviews. This is for your own good, too, because I intend to compete against it with my own monthly Tampa film festival event, and I want a challenge. For now, it will be tough for them to compete against the Tampa Bay Film Online Film Festival, let alone going head-to-head against another film festival event.
So, would I show any of my films at a revised Tampa Film Review? It depends. My film festivals have priority, but if they fix what is wrong, I may consider it. For now, however, I’ll bet on what I am working on and concentrate on that.
Well, I have to run. I have some more tinkering to do with converting video files and getting back to speed with editing. I also have some computer issues to resolve, and may have to back up a lot of files before I restore one of my computers and wipe the hard drive (maybe I can get a certain CD burner working on the secondary computer, because my main burner has been down for a couple of weeks now). Ciao.


UPDATED 01/01/11

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